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What is a data scientist?

Data scientists are technology professionals that make sense of data. They take large sets of numbers, facts, or other information and study it to find patterns and insights.

Data scientists use computer programming and statistics to organize and analyze the data. This allows them to spot trends and make predictions about the future. For example, a data scientist at a shopping company may look at what people have bought in the past to forecast what will sell well in the coming months. Data scientists are responsible for building the algorithms that power modern technology like Instagram’s feed, AI models like ChatGPT, and Spotify’s next song recommendations.

Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time data scientist?

A senior data scientist is likely to cost $150,000 plus benefits. Hiring just one data scientist prevents them from having a collaborator to brainstorm with and ensure robust conclusions. You likely also have a mixture of requests from simple analyses to high level strategic planning – a mix of skills and interests you’re unlikely to find in one person.

Think of us as your best “first data scientist”, your best “first data science manager”, and your best “first Chief Data Scientist” all wrapped into one flexible package.

Are requests really unlimited?

You can submit an unlimited number of projects and tasks and prioritize them based upon your needs. While the requests are unlimited, we work on tasks one-by-one. Simpler tasks take less time, more complex tasks take more time.

Who works on my requests?

The FlexDS team is composed of several data analysts, scientists and managers who work together to complete your requests.

How fast are tasks completed?

Speed of delivery depends on the complexity of the project. Most tasks take a little less than a week to complete. Some simple requests are completed in 2-3 days. Large projects are broken down into smaller deliverables.

What tools do you use?

Our team mostly works with free, open-source tools such as the popular programming language Python.The FlexDS team has significant experience in other languages and tools and is adaptable to tools your teams already use.

How do I submit requests?

Each client can add tasks to their company’s dedicated project board in Trello. Project details can be included as links to other services, such as Google or Office 365 docs, direct file attachments to the card, or written to the card as text.

How do I receive deliverables?

Deliverables come in different formats depending on the request.

A simple analysis deliverable may be a written report or some presentation slides. An interactive analysis may be accessible through a private URL.  A request for a machine learning model may be delivered as a report detailing performance, file assets, and a production-ready container to deploy.

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